Micro Inverter

Micro Inverter
Photovoltaic PCS Spec HSPV-A250
MPPT voltage range 22Vdc~42Vdc
Start voltage 26V <
Max. DC voltage 46Vdc
Max. input current 14A
Nominal AC Power 0.25kVA
Nominal AC voltage(± 10%) AC 211~264V/ 240
AC grid frequency 59.3~60.5 / 60Hz
Gred connection single / three phase
Max efficiency(Euro%) 94% / Max 95%
Degree of protection NEMA6
Dimention(W*H*D)mm 206*133*4
Weight 5LB / 2.2kg
Safety Class compliance UL1547

3K Inverter

3K Inverter
Photovoltaic PCS Spec HSPV-3002
MPPT voltage range 150Vdc~600Vdc
Start voltage 150V <
Max. DC voltage 600Vdc
Max. input current 18A
Nominal AC Power 3.1kVA
Nominal AC voltage(± 10%) AC 220V
AC grid frequency 60Hz
Gred connection single phase
Max efficiency(Euro%) 96%
Degree of protection IP65
Dimention(W*H*D)mm 340*450*155
Weight 15kg
Safety Class compliance PV501 / CE

100K Inverter

100K Inverter
Photovoltaic PCS Spec HSPV-100k
MPPT voltage range 350Vdc~800Vdc
Start voltage 350V <
Max. DC voltage 1,000Vdc
Max. input current 200A
Nominal AC Power 100kVA
Nominal AC voltage(± 10%) AC 220V/380V
AC grid frequency 59.3Hz ~ 60.5Hz
Gred connection 3 phase 4 wires
Max efficiency(Euro%) 97.74%
Degree of protection IP65
Dimention(W*H*D)mm 600*1450*738
Weight 270kg